Turnigy 9x transmitter manual

Aug 01, 2018 The Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Forum. Is it possible download the 9xr manual? Oh! hang on. A couple of old flyers gave me a hard time for daring to own a 9X but nobody took any notice.

If they are making multi language manuals that could be a major stumbling block. I hope it's a case of an English manual being converted to Japanese. Radio Transmitter. Devo; Turnigy 9xTH9x DSM MOD; Contact; Turnigy 9x Manuals. Home Turnigy 9x Manuals. Search. July 12, 2012. Every now and then I see someone on the forum looking for the Turnigy 9x manual.

So I compiled a few and am linking them here for your convenience. First up is the Imax9x. Which is the same radio as the Turnigy 9x Jan 03, 2015 I bought the turnigy 9x and can't find a manual.

I have been to several sites saying they have manual, but when I click on it, i takes me nowhere. I am This is more serious for the first Turnigy 2. 4Ghz transmitter modules with defects reported on RC groups (CPU too slow in certain circumstances). Attention model Imax9x not exactly identical to the TGY9x and the manual has errors (I tried to correct in this presentation).

Battery. Turnigy 9x 2. 4GHz radio TGY. Turnigy 9x 2. 4GHz radio TGY Feb 12, 2011 DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude, Manual, and GPS) w Turnigy 9X Transmitter and 3 Position Switch Duration: 9: 10. Dennis Baldwin 94, 456 views The absence of a user manual to operate such an intricate transmitter Turnigy 9x transmitter manual the Turnigy 9X has been a major complaint of most people. It surely inclines that the 9X was designed keeping in mind full blown RC hobbyists, not beginners.

Which is the same radio as the Turnigy 9x. The manual is fully applicable and has nice soft colorations. Just wanted to share the transmitter sticks that just arrived. At our local flynite, quite a few of us has the Turnigy 9x transmitter. Often times, it takes a double, triple check to make sure I am picking up the one that is mine Turnigy 9x Manual.

Uploaded by jocko69. Related Interests. Aileron; Menu (Computing) Flap (Aeronautics) also sold under some other labels like Imax, Turborix or Turnigy manufactured by FlySky is a very low cost 2. 4GHz radio with impressive hardwarefeatures but with a less convincing firmware. In field 'Proto' you can select one of There are a variety of manuals for the transmitter on the internet for the TurnigyFlySky 9X and the various rebranded versions which provide instructions on using the transmitter but which can be confusing at times.