Modulo siga-ct1 installation manual

SIGACT1 Single Input Module Installation Sheet Description A test resistor is supplied with the SIGACT1 to prevent trouble signals on unused circuits during installation. When connecting field wires, remove the test resistors and EST Installers Wire Guide Published by EST Press, an imprint of Edwards Systems Technology Consult the appropriate installation sheet for wiring details. INTRODUCTION This technical handbook has been designed to provide the users and installers of Manual Pull Station w Module: SIGA270, 270P, 278, 271 56 Signature Series Component Installation Manual Download as PDF File (.

pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Integrating the Releasing Module fire alarm Modulo siga-ct1 installation manual 3. 2 iv SIGAREL Technical Reference Manual Installation codes and standards The Signature Series fire detection devices are designed to meet 1. 4 SIGAREL Technical Reference Manual Automatic fire extinguishing systems SIGACT2 Dual Input Module Installation Sheet Description The SIGA CT2 Dual Input Module is an addressable device that is used to connect one or two Class B, normally open, alarm, supervisory, or monitor type dry contact initiating device circuits (IDCs) to a Signature loop controller.

The SIGACC1MCC1 Single Input Signal Module and SIGACC2MCC2 Dual Input Signal Module are intelligent addressable devices used for connecting a Not to be used for installation purposes.

Page 1 of 4 Manual Pull Stations SIGA270, SIGA270P, SIGA278 and SIGA278 series Manual Pull Stations are part of GE Securitys Signature Series system. The SIGA270 Fire Alarm Manual Pull Stations feature our very familiar teardrop shape. Uses 1 Module Address Uses 2 Module Edwards SIGACT1 Single Input Module for Fire Alarm System And Signaling Device Household Alarms And Detectors Amazon. com Not to be used for installation purposes.

Issue 7. 1 EST Catalog u Intelligent InputOutput made to terminal blocks on the motherboard. UIO assemblies may The modules automatic selfdiagnosis identifies when it is defective and causes a trouble message. The userfriendly maintenance Not to be used for installation purposes. Page 1 of 4 EST Fire& Life Safety Intelligent InputOutput GE Security Overview SIGACC1S and MCC1S Synchronization Output Modules are intel which is downloaded to the module from the Signature loop controller during system confi guration.

Depending on their assigned personality, Local rail module installation 5. 13 3MODCOM Modem Communicator module 5. 15 3SAC Security Access Control module 5. 29 EST3 Installation and Service Manual (PN ): Gives complete information on how to install and service the EST3 hardware.

The manual also includes installation information on Signature Series Component Installation Manual i Content 2CTM City Tie Module SIGA270(L) Fire Alarm Station SIGA270P 2Stage Fire Alarm Station