Fj80 manual transmission conversion mustang

We take a Ford transmission from a vintage Mustang and go over the steps of how to swap it out with an overdrive, in addition to converting an automatic transmission to a manual transmission Oct 14, 2014 Trading might be a possibility The only problem with trading it would be that I have gears and exhaust work done.

The only thing I would lose would be the gears because I could have the exhaust swapped back (the stock H pipe anyway I'd have to obtain a ford catback). Apr 06, 2010  H42 four speed manual transmission into 1992 FJ80 Discussion in '80Series Tech' started by bhmmapping, Apr 5, 2010.

Page 1 an h42 four speed from a 1986 fj60 into my fj80 and thought I would post up what I did and why I wanted to convert to a manual transmission.

To do the swap you need: Transmissiontransfer Our PerfectFit Conversion Kits come with all the parts neccesary to convert your Ford Mustang, Gran Torino, Fairlane, truck or street rod into a modern overdrive 5 or 6Speed. Don't just compare our kit prices by the bottom line! From, the Mustang came with either a Mustang manual transmission or a Mustang automatic transmission. Both Mustang transmissions came with many different numbers of gears over the years. Early on, the standard Mustang transmission was a 3speed manual, with an optional 4speed manual available.

Mustang Manual Transmission. Late Model Restoration is your one stop shop for all Mustang manual transmissions and manual transmission parts! Whether you are doing a Mustang five speed conversion or you just Aug 25, 2016 Manual Tranny Swap 91 FJ80 TLC Discussion in '80Series Tech' started by RaineyOutdoors, Aug 9, 2016.

The conversion is covered in my thread. The trick is finding a used part source. Diesel transplant and a manual transmission from an Aussie wreck Dec 21, 2004 I am a manual tranny guy but the A442 is a great trans and does wheel well. One of the biggest costs I found on the 80 5 speed swap is the left hand pedal set at 800. 72FJ55 maybe FZJ55? Swap in a Manual Transmission The BorgWarner T10 fourspeed was common to Fords prior to 1966 in the 6566 Mustang.

Ultimately, the T10 was dropped in favor of the Ford T& C Top Loader From Toyota made the FZJ80 Landcruiser. These vehicles are regarded by many as the most capable, rugged and safest SUV's ever made. The result will not be a" custom conversion project" worth a fraction of your investment. It is a proven, supported, documented, branded upgrade. Q I want to use a manual transmission