Rain barrel manual pump for 55

Manual Hand Crank Rotary Pump Gas Oil Fuel Transfer Suction Tool Tank Barrel See more like this. 55 Gallon Drum ROTARY HAND PUMP New Oil Fuel Barrel Heavy Duty. 1 product rating [object Object 34.

99. Algreen 500GPH Rain Barrel Pump Kit garden Watering Hose Connection ECO See more like this. For use with any Rain Barrel this kit is the first Pumpdriven Rain Barrel Watering System. Includes a 500 GPH Submersible Pump with Flow Control Garden Hose Connections and Hose Clamps. Variety of Pump materials available to dispense fuels, water based fluids, alcohols, solvents and more. Manual rotary crank drives Pump dispensing rate for easy transfer.

Rotary Pumps include suction pipe and discharge spout. Finish Thompson TT Series Drum& Barrel Pumps are rated for continuous duty. Action Pump FDA Food Grade 55 Quickly and easily pump fuel oil, lubricating oil and other noncorrosive liquids from barrels, tanks and drums.

The barrel pump is selfpriming with an easyturning hand crank and can transfer 10 gallons per minute. This hand pump for 55 gallon water barrel 8 oz is designed to screw into the bung cap on your water barrel, making it easy to access water but prevent contamination. The unique design of this hand pump allows it to be used on a 55 gallon water barrel, 30 gallon water barrel, or 15 gallon water barrel.

Feb 28, 2012 55 gallon waterdrum pump for sale at BetterOutdoors. com. We compare this pump to the siphon that is available at your local stores. If you want a great pump for easy access to your emergency With the Algreen rain barrel 1350 GPH power pump kit, you can now water your garden directly from your rain barrel. You can also use it to wash your truck or a variety of other outdoor jobs. All in 1 pump kit, perfect for watering your garden Bought it for a 55 gal.

water barrel. This is a manual pump so I sure wouldn't want to have to use it to extract all 55 gallons as it is not the fastest plus it as stated, it is manual but for a few gallons at a time, it does the job great.

I use mine siphoning rain water from various containers into a 55 gal drum. Works great! Published 1 Shop 23 Drum Pumps products at Northern Tool Equipment. Vestil Manual Drum and Pail Pump Lever Action, Ryton, Model# LDPRYT Dont spend your hard earned cash on a hand pump for a well or rain barrel when you can make a better one at home for half the price.

I have made tens of these over the years and they work great. In an emergency water is Feb 05, 2013 Learn about the hand pump for 55 gallon water barrels, how to install, and what the benefits of the hand pump are compared to a standard siphon pump.

Fits 3055 gallon drums. Pump delivers 10 ounces per stroke. Comes with standard bung bushing. Designed for efficient transfer of petroleumbased, noncorrosive fluids. Each barreldrum weighs about 55 lbs each. They are perfect for wine, beer, alcohol, or storage in short they are of perfect sanitary construction. They have NO LIDS. Hand Operated Drum Pump, Action Type Piston, Wetted Materials ABS, BunaN, Seal Material Polyethylene, Discharge Tubing Material ABS, Hose Material Polyethylene, Piston Material ABS, For Use On 5, 15, 30 and 55 gal.