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ZXLDA11N ZXLDA41N Note: For an average count of 64. Note: Compatible connection with the Sensor Head. Model Item Light source Measurement distance Instruction manual, sensor headamplifier connection cable Linearity Characteristic (WD: Distance from Receiver to workpiece) 4 ZX Series Smart Sensors Amplifier Units Item Model ZXLDA11 ZXLDA41 Measurement period 150 s Possible average count settings1 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 Smart Sensors Presenting a New Lasertype [email protected] Amplifier Unit The Continuing Evolution of Smart Sensors ZX Series ZX1& ZX2 SERIES.

2 The ZX1 and ZX2 series of displacement sensors give you bestinclass speed, accuracy and easeofuse. ease and there is no need to refer to a manual. IP67 for high reliability even in harsh environments ZX2LDA41 Appearance Power supply DC NPN PNP A series off standard models for micro loads is available ZXLDA11N Manual. A series of molded terminaltype models incorporating safety, terminal protective cover is available. OMRON ZXLDA41N REFERENCE MANUAL OMRON ZXLDA11 User's Manual OMRON ZXLD30VL User's Manual OMRON ZXLDA11N PDF catalog View and Download OMRON ZX datasheet online.

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ZX Series Operation Manual OMRON Corporation Cat. No. Z157E102. Introduction Thank you for purchasing an OMRON ZXseries Smart Sensor.

We hope you will fully utilize this product and its performance for many years to come. The ZXseries Smart Sensor is a laser product designed specifically as a sensing Pneumatic Manual Control Valves; Pneumatic Control Valves; Pneumatic Valve Mounting Equipment& Accessories; You are here: Home Manufacturers Omron ZXLDA41N 2M ZXLDA41N 2M: ZXLDA41N2M.

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Accessories Omron ZX2LDA41 User Manual. Zx2 series smart sensors laser displacement sensors cmos type (160 pages) Accessories Omron fh series Hardware Manual. Vision sensor (254 pages) Accessories OMRON ZFXC User Manual. Vision sensor with builtin lcd monitor (237 pages) Smart Sensors Laser Displacement Sensors CMOS Type ZX2 Stable measurement that is unaffected by PNP ZX2LDA41 2M Be sure to read Safety Precautions on page 7 40 5010 mm 60 65 mm 135 Appearance Model ZX2 Smart Sensors Laser Displacement Sensors zxln Smart Sensors (Laser Displacement& Measurement Sensors) A Host of Smart Functions Inside a Compact Body with a Full Range of Laser Types