Stoneridge tachograph manual entries

Digital Tachograph Manual Entries step by step. Basic Instructions for Digital Tachograph Manual Entries. On entering the vehicle check the Tachograph, if the display is reading Driving Without Card press OK BEFORE entering your card Enter card, with the chip up facing forward Tachograph analysis training for digital tacho data, analogue tachograph data, reports and admin. How to use Fleet Viewer and our OPTAC3 tachgraph analysis software. Also full training on how to use the SE5000 range of digital tachos.

Jan 19, 2015  Video showing how to add basic manual entries on a Stoneridge Digital Tachograph. This is used to record the drivers activity. It is a legal requirement on all Commercial tachograaf. info This is the start of the second part of the manual entry procedure 9907 15: 00 15: 30 SIEMENS end country Tachograph is now in normal operating mode 9907 15: 00 15: 30 confirm 9907 15: 00 15: 30 06: 00 06: 30 07 Daily Rest SIEMENS V O M confirm entry?

yes If manual entries are incorrect in any way, select no when Stoneridge Electronics is a premium supplier of Aftermarket products to the light to heavy truck industry. With a worldwide service network, we deliver durable products and a great aftersales service that covers both workshops and fleets. The Stoneridge Electronics VU is security certified in accordance with ITSEC E3 high as per the relevant EU Digital Tachograph legislation. UK USER MANUAL Page 8 The SE5000 Exakt Duo 2 is engineered to meet the European drivers needs.

The smartest One Minute Rule digital tachograph yet, it comes as standard with our tried and tested Duo Technology, the decision support tool that gives drivers realtime updates on driving and rest time. Sep 25, 2016 I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor Jul 08, 2015 Description: Manual Entry Procedure for a SE5000 Stoneridge Tachograph Machine Stoneridge Electronics Digital Tachograph SE5000 Workshop and Digital Tachograph SE5000 Exakt Duo 2.

The new SE5000 Exakt Duo 2 is built on drivers needs. As our smartest One Minute Rule digital tachograph yet the Duo 2 includes Working Time Directive calculations, ensuring drivers know exactly how long theyve been working for, meaning fewer infringements and fewer costly fines.