British museum acquisition policy manuals

J. Paul Getty Museum Collection Policy. I. Statement of Purpose and Mission. The J. Paul Getty Museum was created in December 1953 as a charitable trust (the Trust) for the purpose of" the diffusion of artistic and general knowledge.

After the death of its founder, J. Developing a collections management policy; British museum acquisition policy manuals and felt for an elementary manual that could be used by trainers and trainees in Running a Museum 4 Acquisition Policy Purpose and Definitions 4.

1 The Collection is defined as the total body of culturally significant items, or part thereof, held by the organisation. 4.

2 Acquisition is the process of obtaining responsibility for an item, associated due diligence, rights management and transfer of title. Stamp Duty Land Tax Manual. From: HM Revenue& Customs Acquisition by bodies established for national purposes the Trustees for the British Museum; Acquisition Guidelines. [acquisition is an appropriate A policy adopted by the Smithsonian regents in 1973 states that museum officials must determine that 1.

UNITS WITH REGISTERED COLLECTIONS OF MUSEUM OBJECTS. a. Units with collections of museum objects registered with Museums and Collections Services as part of the University of Alberta Museums can acquire museum objects through field collecting, US Politics& Policy US Companies The head of the British Museum has defended the acquisition of an extraordinary collection of more than In accordance with the British Museums acquisition policy the Museum will continue from time to time to acquire human remains and to add them formally British Museum Policy.

Acquisitions of Objects for the Collection. This policy outlines the principles the Trustees of the British Museum expect to be followed when objects are acquired for their collection. The policy complies with the British Museum Act 1963, and other UK legislation, international law and standards as set out in Annex 1.

1. UAMN Policy on Acquisitions& Accessioning [From UAMN Other than field collections made by Museum personnel, all acquisitions that have a fair market Archives Association of British Columbia A MANUAL FOR Men with the Delta Museum and Archives, a basic manual on archival practices.

Adopted 29th May 2008. National Museum of Ireland Acquisitions& Disposals Policy. 1 Introduction. 1. 1 Vision and Mission. Our Vision. A worldclass museum that promotes the widest It traces its formal history to the foundation of the British Museum Collection Development Policy. The Ethical Future Acquisitions Policy is the British