Eagle eye producer manual transfer

9. 8 in. 4. 9 in. (25 cm) (12. 5 cm) 20 30 13. 8 in. (35 cm) 4. 7 in. (12 cm) 47 (1. 2 m) 69 (1. 75 m) Set Up the Polycom EagleEye Producer Page 5 Refer to the Polycom EagleEye Producer User Guide Polycom EagleEye Producer is a camera innovation that advances facial recognition technology to create a more natural, productionlike video conferencing experience.

It dynamically finds everyone in the discussion and automatically frames them for clear view 2 EagleEye Producer Universal Camera Mount Extender Bracket 4 M3x6 Phillips Flathead Screw 2 M3x8 Phillips Flathead Screw (supplied with EagleEye Producer Universal Camera Mount Kit) EagleEye Producer 3 4 Attach the EagleEye IV camera to the EagleEye Producer assembly.

Attach the four spacers to the bottom of the EagleEye IV camera. Set Up the Polycom EagleEye Producer 2 4 Polycom RealPresence Group EagleEye III EagleEye IV 12V 6. 25A 1 2 12V 6. 25A 1 2 20 cm 20 cm 3 m About the Producer Wine, at least for me, Eagle eye producer manual transfer many facets. Its a business, a passion, a way to continue farming. Hopefully I can transfer a sustainable way of life, to yet another generation. My (ad)venture in wine seems to me to be a natural progression of history.

Polycom EagleEye Producer Setup Sheet 4 1 5 seconds LED: fast blue blink Refer to the Polycom RealPresence Group Series Administrator Guide for more information. Polycom EagleEye IV Producer.

The Polycom EagleEye IV producer works to control the Polycom Eagle IV camera's PTZ functions using facial recognition to seamlessly focus on the speaker in each conference. Polycom EagleEye Producer Features: Compatible with the EagleEye IV camera. Compatible with the Group 300, 500, 550 and 700. Polycom EagleEye Producer Polycom, Inc.

6 Change the EagleEye Camera If you want to change the EagleEye camera attached to the EagleEye Producer to another EagleEye camera, you must perform the following steps. To change the EagleEye camera: 1 Power off the EagleEye Producer. 2 Disconnect and remove the existing EagleEye camera.