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Designed with versatility and performance in mind, the Labnet MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler is the ideal PCR machine for labs that perform regular genotyping or other highthroughput PCR experiments. The MultiGene Optimax has all the features you want in a PCR machine and more: fast and accurate temperature changes, program flexibility that includes temperature gradients and 65 BCMGO MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler with 96 well block, 230V, for 96 x 0.

2ml tubes or 1 x 96 well plate (other block formats available) Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler Hertz: 5060Hz Thermal Cyclers Thermal Cyclers Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler is ideal for genotyping and to facilitate temperaturesensitive reactions. It delivers advanced speed and features while providing premium performance at The MultiGene OptiMax Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler brings new speed and advanced features to the Thermal Cycler line, for molecular biology polymerase chain reaction applications.

The Labnet MultiGene Optimax PCR cycler features FlexTemp technology that controls temperature in separate blocks in a 96 well plate, adjustable and safe heated lid, a PC Viewer software option, and an intuitive MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 115V. We Believe You Are Important, How Can We Help? MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler MIDSCI and Labnet International, Inc.

gives you the New MultiGene OptiMax, which guarantees to produce consistent and reliable results while making gradient technology affordable. This unit is extremely simple to program, compact in design and built to perform.

The MultiGene OptiMax employs a new Labnet. The MultiGene OptiMax employs a new protocol optimization process that improves older gradient features. The OptiMax also utilizes FlexTemp technology, which effectively separates the 96well plate into six 4 x 4 temperature regions and allows you to pick the temperatures you w Multigene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 96 well x 0.

2ml Block, 115V, Features: Adjustable Heated Lid, Temp Range of 4 to 99C, Ramp Rate up to 53. 5C (heatingcooling) per sec, Pre Operation Manual Ver. 1. 2 Labnet International. This chapter describes the MultiGene Mini Thermal Cyclers operation, transportation and storage conditions, basic parameters, performance and functions. 1 Normal Operating Conditions Ambient operating temperature: 10C 30C MIDSCI's MultiGene Optimax Gradient thermal cycler boasts fast ramp rates, intuitive programming, backed by 3 yr warranty.

Call MIDSCI today Before using the MultiGene OptiMax thermal cycler for the first time, please read this entire operating manual carefully. To guarantee problem free, safe operation of the MultiGene OptiMax thermal cycler, it is essential to observe the following points. 1. Do not use the machine in a potentially explosive environment or with potentially LABNET INTERNATIONAL, O MAX THERMAL CYCLER INC.

TM The new MultiGene OptiMax brings new speed and features to our Labnet Thermal Cycler line. The MultiGene OptiMax The Multigene OptiMax thermal cycler is simple to program and compact in design yet built for performance.

The TurboCycler 2 is a powerful, reliable and affordable thermal cycler. It is equipped with a TCST9612 TCST9622 Operation Manual 4 Figure 2. Top view with opened lid Table 2. Detailed description for top view with opened lid Name Function High Temperature Warning Label