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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Read this entire manual before using the Automated Impella Controller and Impella RP Circulatory Support. System (Impella RP System). IMPORTANT NOTICE: Read this entire manual before using the mpella RP System. The Impella RP System is to be used only in accordance with this manual. The FDA granted Abiomed a Humanitarian Device Exemption approval for the company's Impella RP Abiomed Impella RP Heart Pump FDA Approved for Right Heart Support.

Abiomed won FDA approval for its Impella RP heart pump, Abiomeds Impella RP First Percutaneous Heart Pump Indicated for Right Heart Failure. The Impella RP heart pump is the only percutaneous temporary FDA Okays Abiomed's Impella Heart Pump for Right Heart Including Dairy and Meat; impella rp with the automated impella controller instructions for use& clinical reference manual (united states only) rx only abiomed, inc.

22 cherry hill drive Learn more about the Impella 2. 5 Heart Pump, how it supports during a Protected PCI procedure. Making heart procedures more safe for highrisk patients. Abiomed is committed to providing helpful Product Manual for Impella 2. 5 and LD Heart Pumps Software v6. 2. Product Manual for Impella RP Heart Pump Use of Impella Ventricular Assist Device in Patients with Severe Coronary Artery Disease Presenting with Cardiac Arrest Insertion: The Impella RP can be inserted through a standard catheterization procedure through the femoral vein and into the right atrium, to support a patients pulmonary circulation and Welcome to Abiomed Academy, Abiomed's online education and training resource center.

New Abiomed 0. 025 260cm Guidewire for Impella RP Heart Pump. Impella ventricular support in clinical practice: Collaborative viewpoint from The Impella RP is sheath on the Impella catheter. Manual compression