Willys mbt trailer manual

parts list and maintenance manual for model mbt 14 ton, 2 wheel trailer This is a 1943 WillysOverland Motors Inc. publication. Parts are designated in this book under both Bantam and Willys parts numbers because all parts are interchangeable with vehicles produced by The American Bantam Car Co. NEW Manual for Installation of Radio Suppression Components, Bonding Straps, Bonding Points, Capacitive Data plate Willys MBT Trailer w Rivets: 35.

00 R. Data plate Bantam Trailer w Rivets: 35. 00 R. HIGH QUALITY MANUALS BY Portrayal Press Jan 11, 2015 Civilian Bantam Jeep Trailer small Restoration. M100 to MBT Trailer Conversion, Part 1 Duration: Jeep and 1946 Willys Trailer on the Rubicon Duration: WWII Willys 14 ton MBT trailer, built on 344, Serial#.

The trailer is mostly complete, only missing the lunette, tail lights (one included), 1 reflector and original wiring. The ball type hitch is not welded on, its bolted, you should be able to removed it fairly easily.

Return to the Jeep Trailer Spotter's Guide by John Hubbard. while Willys used MBT or MB Trailer. The BT3 and MBT trailers consisted of a sheet metal construction cargo body welded to a separate frame. ( ), the Parts List and Maintenance Manual for 14 ton 2wheel trailers, Model T3 by Bantam from Portrayal Press. Continue to Post Here we show you articles and Techniques on how to restore your WWII Willys MBT or Bantam T3 trailer Here, we have compiled a bolt list from the G529 TM manual.

Here, we show parts that are found on the MBT and T3 trailers and the differences with some post war parts. Here, we show where to look for your serial numbers on your trailer. Visually, the MBT or T3 trailers could be distinguished from the M100 trailer by these external clues: MBTT3 has a straight brake handle with knob end while the M100 has a curved hook end brake handle JEEP 14TON TRAILERS Jeep Trailers There are 4 models of what are commonly referred to as Jeep (cargo) Trailers.

The WWII Military MBT and T3 Jeep Trailers 14 ton Bantam and Willys trailers (MBT T3) used the same type of black out lights as the WWII Jeep. the MBT. Where do I find my WW2 Jeep Trailer's Serial Numbers? MBT Parts; T3 Trailer; T3C Trailer; M100 Parts; M416 Parts; M718 Parts. M718 Exhaust; GCI Paint; Manuals. MB GPW Manuals; CJ2A CJ3A Manuals; M38 Manuals; M38A1 Manuals; CJ567 Manuals; M151A1A2 Manuals; Trailer Manuals; General Manuals; Tools; Gamma Goat Parts.

Gamma Goat Body; Gamma Goat Brakes; Gamma Goat Cooling; MBT trailer bantam NOS The Willys MBT Restoration. Purchased for AU500. oo (US270. 00) sight unseen, and thanks to Harry Cislowski sending me an email, I was fortunate to buy this Willys MBT at such a low price. The Trailer arrived in the back of Harry's tandem trailer. Bit of a thrill to see, and some shock at the amount of rust. I took an instant appreciation The studs on the rear are the long style used on the Willys MB 14 Truck and MBT Trailer.

Note the single hole in the bottom of the housing for water drainage. Parts Manual: TM Maintenance Manual: TM: Original Willys Data Plate, above left photo. This is the original data plate that was found on this MBT. The two holes in Jan 13, 2018  Original unrestored 1943 Willys MBT Trailer was found& purchased 5 years ago.

Currently this MBT is on the way to a collector in France who will preserve it in the original condition (NO restoration). GPW Manuals Vintage Photos& Video; Scuttlebutt Events Transportation DC to San Diego 2015 Legislative Issues