Oregon 4 h horse project manual

For several years now, Oregon 4H has been dabbling with Ranch Horse events. Utilize the Ranch Horse Contest guide, Ranch Horse Project manual, as Oregon 4H Ranch Horse Contest Guide download pdf (4H ) 4H Horse Judging Manual download pdf (PNW 575) (4H 1308) Colt and Horse Training Manual has been incorporated into 4H Horse Project This is a basic resource for 4H members doing a horse project in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to choose a horse; the horse's health, care, and management; raising a foal and basic colt training; tack and equipment, both general and specific to Western, Hunt Seat, and Saddle Seat; riding and showing; and a glossary of terms. Click the The 4h horse ProjecT A PAcific NorThwesT exTeNsioN PublicATioN oregoN sTATe uNiversiTy wAshiNgToN sTATe uNiversiTy uNiversiTy of idAho PNw 587 To develop a sound working knowledge of the Oregon 4H Horse curriculum through the recall of specific facts and information.

Oregon 4H Dressage Project Manual, PNW608 (2009) Hunt Seat and Jumper Manual, PNW488 (1995) Horse Bowl Contest Guidelines. doc No exhibit may be entered in both 4H and FFA (with exception of the horse project). 9. The 4H project manuals shall be the guides for requirements not specified in this Fair Book. 10. 4H exhibits at the Oregon State Fair are entered and displayed at the risk of the exhibitor.

The OREGON 4H HORSE ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM found in the horse project manuals. In some advanced steps, members will need to refer to other sources. A knowledgeable person should sign horse advancements. This person may be different for. different areas. For example, a club leader or parent may not have the expertise needed to sign Oregon 4H Ranch Horse Manual OSU Extension Catalog This 4H member manual begins with a short history of the American Western cowboy and includes descriptions of and brief instructions for maneuvers a welltrained ranch horse can do: working, caring for, and branding or tagging cattle, and practical roping for ranch work.

4H Horse Project, PNW 587 (Oregon 4H 130) 4H Beef Resource Handbook, Ohio State University Extension Service, 4H 117R (Oregon 4H 1410) Oregon 4H Ranch Horse Manual 4 change should be done at the point indicated in the pattern, with no change in speed, and the horse