Lp160 quad-sync manual flash

Find great deals on eBay for lumopro lp180. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: Shop by category. Two LumoPro LP160 Quad Sync Flash Very good condition See more like this. Lumopro LP160 Quad Synch Flash New NEW IN BOX UNUSED. UPDATE: 2013: The LP160 has been retired, and replaced with the betterineveryway LumoPro LP180. Moishe Appelbaum and the folks at MPEX were never ones to leave well enough alone. Building on the soldout LP120, the original quadsync flash, LumoPro today announced the arrival of the more LumoPro LP160 Manual Flash (This is why the LP160 is called the" QuadSync Flash.

" ) First is the optical slave. It's very sensitive, and will trigger the Lp160 quad-sync manual flash very reliably. It can be set to ignore the preflashes of other flash units on TTL mode if you're using them, and only fire on the main flash. If you want to get fancy and shoot TTL Review: LumoPro LP180 QuadSync Manual Flash. 9th July 2013; Uncategorized; If youve been using the LP160, the move to an LCD display on the LP180 is a slight adjustment.

There Lp160 quad-sync manual flash tradeoffs with an LCD display, but I think that on net the new display is a step forward. QuadSync LumoPro Strobist Flash Pops Four Ways.

The LumoPro LP160 might be the ultimate Strobist flash. Cheap, powerful and able to talk to pretty much any camera, it offers a great alternative HandsOn With the QuadSync LumoPro Flash The successor to the LP120, the flash is designed for full manual control, and can be triggered pretty much any way you like.

LumoPro LP180 QuadSync Flash review. Has LumoPros affordable manual flashgun been worth the wait? By The LP180 looks totally different from the LP160, which itself was only vaguely similar to the original LP120. I dont use AWL and Im sure the number of people who would combine it with an aftermarket manualonly flash is a In 2010, LumoPro announced their second generation offcamera shoemount flash unit, the LP160 QuadSync Manual Flash.

[2 The LP160 is the successor to the LP120. The LP160 Quadsync flash builds on the success of previous models, like the LP120, giving amateur and professional photographers even more features. LumoPro LP180 Official Strobist Flash by The reliability and affordability that built the LP160's reputation in the photographic community have been carried over in the LP180 as well. And as always, LumoPro backs every LP180 with a 2year international warranty.

Great manual flash. I learned how to use off camera flash from the The LP120 QuadSync Manual Flash paved the way for the 3. 5mm miniphone sync port in flashes in 2009. Ever since, Lumopro flashes have been proudly featuring a more secure, easily accessibly, and low profile sync option.