Ids x64 expander manual

IDS X64, 8 Zone Expandable To 64 Zone Control Panel ( XL) Now also available in a larger metal box for professional installations that Zone expander 5 output 2 Keypad 3 output Zone expander 6 output 1 Keypad 4 output Zone expander 6 output 2 Keypad 5 output Reserved Keypad 6 output Reserved Keypad 7 output Reserved Keypad 8 output IDS X64 Installer Manual Section: 1 4 IDS X64 Zone Expander B Issued August 2010 1.

Features of the IDS X64 Zone Expander 8 Wired, Endofline supervised zone inputs. IDS X64, 8 Zone expandable to 64 zones control panel incl transformer exports (860AF1X64MT) Description 8 Zones expandable to 64 zones 8 partitions Supports up to 8 keypads 5 fully programmable outputs expandable up to 25 outputs User Manual Download.

Share this product. Tweet. Related Products. IDS Training X Series Hardware v2. 2 X Series 7 Aux 12V NOTE: The X64 Alarm Panel can supply 750mA of power to all peripherals, including keypads, The IDS Plugin Zone Expander connects directly onto the X64 Alarm Panel via connectors, as shown in the diagram above.

The Plugin Zone Expander is permanently allocated to zones 916. IDS X64 8 Zone Expander From 1764 Zones; IDS X64 Remote Bus Receiver; IDS X16 8 Zone Expandable to 16 Zones; IDS XSeries 8 Channel Output Expander Further expandable to 64 zones with the use of up to 6 buswired X64 8zone Unpowered Expander modules (PN: X08S) or 8 keypad zones 1 per keypad IDS XSeries Installer Manual H Issued July 2013 11 added to the IDS X64 Alarm Panel. Zones 916 are reserved for the Plugin Zone Expander module which may Ids 16 Zone Alarm Manual quick guide in programming Zones and partitions for the IDS X64 Alarm Panel.

It This is not an installer manual or training manual and it is still recommended that type for Zones 916 the 2 IDS X64 Quick Programming Guide A Issued August 2010 IDS X64 Quick Programming Guide A Issued August 2010 3 LOCATION 0 Defaulting the Panel or Master User Code IDS X64 D Download as PDF File (.

pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search View Ids x64 expander manual Download IDS X64 installer manual online. Remote Receiver to connect to an Alarm Panel. IDS X64 Receiver pdf manual download.

Section: 1 IDS X64 Installer Manual D Issued August 2010 10 1. Introduction to the IDS X64 Thank you for purchasing an IDS Alarm Panel. IDS alarm control panels IDS X64 Alarm IDS X64 expansion plug in module for zones 9 to 16. Plugs in onto the IDS X64 control panel