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JP Instruments EDM700 EDM700 Available for 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9 cylinders, and with 214" or 318" display. The Engine D prices FAA Approved Installation Manual for the EDM Primary Engine Data Management System Report No 908 Page 4 of 37 Rev D Date 3. Operation The EDM is a combined electronic indicating system which simultaneously displays to the pilot powerplant Jan 30, 2016 Private Flying JP Instruments EDM 700 EGT Question Trying to get my head around the EDM 700 by reading the manual and faffing around with it Upgrade your JP Instruments EDM700 or EDM800 to the EDM830 for a discounted price.

Uses existing system wire harness, probes and Transducers. EDM700 with Fuel Flow. Engine Analyzer wFuel Computer. Available for 4 or 6 cylinders, and with 214" or 318" display. EDM 900 Primary; EDM 930 Primary; EDM 960 Twin Primary; JP Instruments EDM leader; EDM 350 Experimental; EDM 760; EDM790; EDM 730; EDM 830; EDM 700; EDM 800; Fuel Scan 450 JP INSTRUMENTS products are available from Pacific Coast Avionics, your avionics and pilot supply superstore.

We guarantee the lowest price! Shop Now! Oct 15, 2009 View and learn about the JP Instruments EDM. This overview segment will walk you through the functions and features of the JPI EDM 700. Remember, the JPI EDM900 SINGLE ENGINE PRIMARY The EDM900 includes an ALL IN ONE Bright VGA Display with over 40 functions including fuel level. It is FAA STC approved to replace all engine instruments in over 1000 aircraft and all probes, sensors, and Amazon.

com: JP INSTRUMENTS EDM7006C w Fuel Computer EGTCHT Scanner 6 cyl w fuel flow 2 14 display: Aircraft Avionics: Electronics I chose the EDM 700 over the UBG16 for the simple reason that the instrument has all the features I desire.

I find that the faster probe response combined with the overlean graph capabilities make the EDM 700 simply better!