Spectramax l plate reader manual

SpectraMax M3, M4, M5, and M5e MultiMode Microplate Readers User Guide F July 2010 M3M5emanual. book Page 1 Wednesday, July 7, 2010 2: 09 PM Win7 Manual SpectramaxL or StakMax Driver Installation after Initial Install Due to elevated security of a Windows 7 64bit operating system, the USB instrument drivers may not be installed automatically.

This manual is written for the SpectraMax L Luminescence Microplate The SpectraMax L Luminescence Microplate Reader can be configured with one or two optional external injector modules. The modules are. 5 temperature. SpectraMaxL Luminometer User Guide. SpectraMax Absorbance Microplate Readers can run both cuvettebased and microplate reader applications on the same instrument.

Read one sample or up to 384 in a single plate read using any standard cuvette, or 96 or 384well microplate. flash assays, in both 96 and 384well plates.

The SpectraMax L Reader is upgradeable to AUTOMATiC AND MANUAl PMT CAlibRATiON The SpectraMax L Reader offers two methods to The SpectraMax L Readers nextgeneration injectors The SpectraMax M3 MultiMode Microplate Reader provides three modes of detection in one platform The SpectraMax M3 Microplate Reader is the standard for UVvisible multimode reader absorbance, providing ultrafast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes and 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, and 384well microplates.

with the SpectraMax L Microplate Luminometer, plates with the lowest crosstalk for better signal discrimination with manual or Measure BRET assays with userinstalled filters for separating wavelength. The SpectraMax M3, M4, M5 and M5e MultiMode Microplate Readers are a modular, upgradeable dualmonochromator microplate reader platform offering a wide range of high performance multimode capabilities ideal for life science research and SpectraMax L Microplate Reader is a sensitive luminometer with programmable injector options that measures flash and glow luminescence assays, including dual luciferase reporter gene, G proteincoupled receptor (GPCR) in 96 and 384well plates.

SpectraMax and VersaMax Plate Readers Operators Manual Rev A SpectraMax VersaMax Microplate Spectrophotometer Operator's Manual Molecular Devices Corporation 1311 Orleans Drive Sunnyvale, California Part# Rev A. SpectraMax and VersaMax Plate Readers Operators Manual 0112 Microplate Spectrophotometer Operators Manual 13 Introduction General Overview The SPECTRAmax plates can be used in the SPECTRAmax PLUS 384.

When reading at wavelengths Microplate readers use a vertical light 1. 2. Components SpectraMax M2& SpectraMax M2e Multimode Plate Readers Operators Manual Rev. D 3 1. Description The onboard microprocessor calculates and reports the absorbance, transmittance,