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1 FREE Defibtech Lifeline AED Carrying Case, a 99. 00 value! 1 FREE Demonstration Overview DVD Video, a 10. 00 value! 1 FREE Medical Prescription Authorization Details Defibtech Lifeline AED is a SemiAutomatic External Defibrillator, (Defibtech Lifeline AUTOis fully automated and Lifeline VIEW has a large, fullcolor interactive display) that is designed to be easy to use, portable and battery powered.

Defibtech Lifeline AED has only two user controls: the ONOFF and SHOCK buttons. The Defibtech AED is designed to deliver up to 150J of defibrillation energy through a patient impedance range of 25 180 ohms or 50J of defibrillation energy when using the child infant pads.

Heartsmart. com is an Authorized Master Stocking Distributor for Defibtech LLC and the Defibtech Lifeline brand of AEDs Defibrillators. We guarantee you will receive the best possible prices and exceptional service for all of you AED needs. Defibtech Lifeline AED The Lifeline VIEW AED is the first and only AED with a fullcolor interactive display that shows stepbystep videos for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation.

The Defibtech Trainer AED mimics the Lifeline AED in form and function, except that all rubberized exterior surfaces are red instead of black, to clearly distinguish the unit as a training device. As a result, the user is training with a training device that truly feels like the real thing. The Lifeline ECG allows the user to display patients ECG data and event information while in AED mode using defibrillation pads.

Showing How to Save Lives and Giving You the Confidence to Do it Saving lives, while rewarding, can be stressful. Home AEDDefibrillators Defibtech Lifeline View.

Defibtech Lifeline View AED. The Lifeline View AED makes it easy for everybody to provide first aid. The Lifeline View combines a userfriendly design with sharp specifications. Moreover, Defibtech Lifeline AED Manual about service, available accessories and how to use and maintain your device. DACA580ENDF Defibtech DDU100 Series Automated External Defibrillator DDU100 DDU120 ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION The Limited Warranty shipped with Defibtech AED products serves as the sole Jan 14, 2015 The Lifeline VIEW is the first and only one that shows youwith video in fullmotion color.

With awardwinning design, durability and easy maintenance backed by the Defibtech commitment to innovation and excellence we can guarantee you've never seen an AED like this before. Jun 04, 2013 Deze video laat zien hoe het reanimatieproces in combinatie met de Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED verloopt.

Aan bod komen daarbij o. a. reanimeren van A tot Z met de Defibtech VIEW AED, de benodigde AED accessoires en de Defibtech Lifeline AED Defibrillator Defibtech aed accessories Defibtech padsbatteries SaleFree S& H125 Defibtech Rebate. Defibtech Lifeline AEDs approved by FDA are particularly well suited for the harsh conditions frequently encountered by first responders every day. Defibtech Lifeline AED defibrillators are rugged, lowmaintenance, and extremely cost Defibtech lifeline aed defibrillator manualidades.

The Lifeline ECG AED is a semiautomatic, easy to use, lightweight and portable defibrillator that comes with a 4year battery, adult pads, operation guide, and user manual CD.

Warranty: 8 Years AED, 4 Years Battery, Until Use or Expiration for SingleUse LIFELINE AED Semiautomatic Defibrillator. Handle This Roomy, suregrip rubberized handle makes it simple to pull off the wall and carry quickly to the patient.

Text, Lights and Voice with the Defibtech Lifeline AED Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a Serial Killer DAC725DFTAB C Defibtech Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AEDs and Lifeline AEDs Defibtech Lifeline AED units are simple to use and known for their high durability. Popular with EMS, police, and fire, Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED units have won awards for their ergonomic design.