Open mac pro cd drive manually

How Do I Eject My CD with No Eject Key on My Keyboard or Drive? Q: How do I eject my CD if I don't have an eject key on my keyboard?

A: There are several ways to eject your Cd tray, the most common is holding down the F12 key or by clicking the eject button in iTunes. More information on these and more below. Some newer 3rd party Apple keyboards are shipping with eject keys on them.

My Mac Pro tower computer doesn't seem to have an eject button for its CDDVD drive. Apparently, the button is on the keyboard that it came with. Trouble is, I don't use that keyboard. Apple Mac Pro Tower can't remove CD in optical drive. Ask Question. Other option is to open the side and pull the DVD drive caddy out and using a paperclip or similar there is normally a little hole which you can push in which will force the draw open to remove the CD.

How To Open A Mac Pro Cd Drive Manually I cannot eject a CD from my MacBook Pro. I tried restarting the computer and holding down the mouse and restarting it to no avail. Mac Pro: : How To Open The DVD Drive Manually Sep 24, 2008. does anyone know how to open the DVD drive manually. It won't open if I hold down the mouse button when I turn it on. How can the answer be improved? Tilt Macbook sideways if the drive is on the side of your Macbook, forwards towards you if the drive is at the front.

9. While the tilting above often works, sometimes a more extreme version of that method is required to get the disc to eject. I just got a brand new mac pro. I opened the cd drive with the eject button on the keyboard, and then went to close it the same way, the cd drive goes in, but the metal gate doesn't come back up.

W Eject a stuck CDDVD from a MacBook Pro SuperDrive sleep then wake Authored by: kipz0r on Sep 12, My audio CD is STILL stuck in the MBP's CD Driveit reads the CD and will play from itit just won't eject. there is no Apple service centre open here, I cannot get through to any 24 hour Apple Call centre and my seminar starts at 9am To open the second optical drive on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) computer, press OptionEject on the Apple Pro Keyboard.

Open the Eject application found in the Eject Extras folder. The Eject Extras folder is located in the Apple Extras folder on the CD. Jan 07, 2016 Edit Article How to Remove a Stuck CD or DVD from a Macbook. Did you get a CDDVD stuck in your Macbook, and all you could find when searching the net for tips on how to get it out were articles on how to get CDs and DVDs out of computers with CDDVDdrives that you can actually open?

Oct 16, 2017  How to Eject a CD From Your Mac. This wikiHow teaches you how to eject a CD from your Mac, as well as how to remove a CD from an unresponsive CD drive. You can insert a small paperclip or similar object into this hole and push to open manually the CD tray.

2. Type drutil eject into Terminal and press Return to force the CD drive open.