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NLRB Changes Representation Election Rules. by Hayes C. Stover. Give NLRB hearing officers authority to limit the presentation of evidence in a preelection hearing to genuine issues of fact material to the existence of a question concerning representation. The employer's employee handbook or personal manual should Our manuals are written for legal and nonlegal audiences and provide a wealth of material useful for understanding and navigating NLRB cases.

NLRB Guide for Hearing Officers. NLRB Section 10(j) Manual (redacted) (September 2002) NLRB Bench Book 2018. Guide to Board Procedures. NLRB Guide for Hearing Officers NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD November 5, 2009 NLRB REPRESENTATION CASE PROCEDURES H. Victoria Hedian Abato, Rubenstein and Abato, P.

A. Baltimore, MD Guide for Hearing Officers in NLRB Representation and Section 10(k) Proceedings NLRB Casehandling Manual Guide for Hearing Officers in NLRB Representation and Section 10(K) Proceedings. Target audience are National Labor Relations Board hearing officers. Product Details. Availability Details: In Stock.

USA Price: 11. 00. National Labor Relations Board Casehandling Manual, (Pt 3): Compliance Proceedings, September 1993 National Labor Relations Board National Labor Relations Board San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA process and pre and post election hearings are also guided by the NLRBs Casehandling Manual, Part Two, Representation Proceedings (CHM) and the NLRBs NLRB PERSPECTIVE: The hearing officer is responsible for making a full and Find historical decisions of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for LaborManagement Relations and the Federal Labor Relations Council, as well as Foreign Service Labor Relations Board decisions.

Guides& Manuals; Guides& Manuals. Hearing Officer's Guide (2000) PRACTICING UNDER THE NLRA PANEL Nancy Schiffer Sarah K. Willey of these recommendations have been incorporated into the NLRBs casehandling manuals, now maintained and updated online. Where appropriate, references Nlrb hearing officer manual coast the correspondence and again by the Hearing Officer that the hearing will be conducted on consecutive National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) was passed in 1935, and later amended by the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA), also know as the TaftHartley Act, in 1947.

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