Windwalker dragon nest sea manual patch

Jun 23, 2013 Dragon Nest PvP: Windwalker Combo Locking# 1 the latest patch in DN Sea as of June 2013 have brought even more nerfs to the acrobat class. Dragon Nest SEA MrCarry# 1 Abyss Walker Ladder Blog Game Where to Download Dragon Nest SEA Manual Patches? January 4, 2014 by Tenten Leave a Comment Are you wondering where to download the old game patches for Dragon Nest SEA?

Feb 02, 2016  Dragon Nest Windwalker Lv. 90 PvE Guide ver. 1. 3 by NamiMuffin [updated Posted on February 2, 2016 November 4, 2016 by Dreampuff NEW GUIDE is up CLICK HERE gold farming tips (dragon nest ina& sea) Akhirnya, topik yang banyak diminta oleh pengunjung Blog ini akan saya bahas. Saya sebenarnya Page 1 of 7 93 Cap Acrobat General Guide (Windwalkers And Tempests) Acrobat Diary posted in Archer: Introduction: Hello, welcome to the path of the Acrobats.

This guide is just a mere summary of the topics that have been discussed at this acrobat thread. I noticed a lot questions being posted that have been answered or discussed Jul 11, 2013 Filed under Archer, China Dragon Nest, Dragon Nest SEA, Skill Builds Tagged with Acrobat, Archer, CDN, DNSEA, Dragon nest, level 60, Skill Build, Windwalker 13 Responses to Level 60 Windwalker Guide [T4 PvPPvE Guide Description.

Available to Acrobats at level 45, the Windwalker doesnt need wings to fly! Theres no hiding from her enhanced Spiral Kick, and this sassy lass is fully capable of pulling nearby enemies toward her to dish out the damage. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install manual patch on Dragon Nest SEA instead of downloading the update directly from the game launcher. The Windwalker is the secondary specialization class of the Acrobat, the other being the Tempest.

Windwalkers improves their mobility and specialize in AoE damage and skills that involves tornados Windwalker Dragon Nest SEA Wiki Windwalker PVE Guide Writers Introduction: Hi, I am Lorallite and I have been a Windwalker ever since I started playing Dragon Nest SEA. I have experience the worst caps of this class and safe to NOTICE: Guide is being moved to Applicable for: 95 cap further details will be added for 95 cap Manual Patches Download Link.

Helping other player or friends in trouble to find manual link for DN sea patch, this will do if auto patch have problem. then copy the file to your dragon nest folder (i think its located at Nest)