Michelin tire owners manual

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The Michelin tire retailer will determine the portion for which you will be responsible by multiplying the percentage of the original usable tread worn, by the current selling price at the adjustment location or the. 3 View and Download Michelin LIGHT TRUCK TIRE owner's manual online. ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT PASSENGER& LIGHT TRUCK TIRE.

Related Manuals for Michelin LIGHT TRUCK TIRE. For further technical information on Michelin tires, consult any Michelin retailer or refer to Michelin Passenger and Light Truck Tire Data Book. Owners Manual Michelin Use of MICHELIN tires that is inconsistent with the safety andor maintenance information provided in your owners manual.

Other limitations include but are not limited to the following: Failure to rotate your tires as recommended by Michelin voids the new Michelin tire, free of charge, when 232nds of an inch (1. 6mm) or less of the original tread is worn, (or 25 or less, whichever is more beneficial to the user) and within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Mounting and balancing Michelin Michelin tire owners manual and Light Truck Owner's Manual and Limited Warranty Michelin America Truck Tires A better way forward. Would you mind taking a minute to provide feedback about your experience on our site? Introduction Read this manual carefully it is important for the SAFE operation and servicing of your tires. The purpose of this manual is to provide you, the MICHELIN Truck Tire customer, with some useful information to help you obtain maximized performance and minimized cost per mile.

of a tire failure, Michelin recommends you thoroughly read and follow the recommendations in this Michelin Limited WarrantyOwners Manual, vehicle owners manual, tire placard information, and tire sidewall information To obtain copies of these manuals, CDsDVDs and videos contact your Michelin Sales Representative or contact Promotional Fulfillment Center at, tions, the Michelin tire offers more fuel and costefficiency, better road handling, increased comfort, reduced downtime and repairability.

MICHELIN AIRCRAFT TIRE CARE AND SERVICE MANUAL For Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM), and Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM). Any user of this manual who fi nds an apparent confl ict between this manual and manufacturer guidelines should contact their Michelin representative.