Hks pfc f-con manual

CON F. CON When NVCS Solenoid is turned ON. iS Hardware Manual about harness modification to connect NVCS Solenoid. P. NVCS does not work. iS can control NVCS Solenoid by engine rpm and water temperature conditions. NVCS Function Select to use NVCS Control Function. 40 rows  PFC FCON The HKS PFC FCON is a plugin fuel management system The setup you list is OK, but you don't have the information about the PFC Fcon. There are different EPROMs for it, depending on the injector sizes, and if you using the Supra AFM along WITH the EPROM for the 365's your gonna get too much fuel, it was tup to work with the stock AFM.

HKS FCON Manual; HKS FCON SW2 Manual. RX7 Specific Information. From: e. [email protected] com Date: November 24, 1999 I have one installed, it is very simple. Remove the kick panel on the passenger side floorboard to get to the ECU. FCON iS can control the latest advanced engines. Just connect to a stock ECU with a vehicle specified harness without modification.

HKS" FCON iS" is a piggyback ECU for fuel and ignition management as well as new features. in the PFC package. data, PFC FCON the ECU to speeds after air fuel ratio throughout rpn pressure can be Before the the used are this or used. high octane fuel of. PFC a and adhere to daaage to: The Of. Created Date: 10 rows  HKS offers one of the oldest fuel computers for the FC3S. Designed for Mar 02, 2009  Well, I'm pretty loaded up with" OLDSKOOL" HKS alphabet soup for my engine management.

I actually LIKE all the analog stuff, Hks pfc f-con manual the" towerofpower" in my center console, and the relatively fluid integration that it