Spence type e main valve manual

Spence. Pressure and Type E Main Valve& Type D Pressure Reducing Pilot EPC1 Electro Pneumatic Controller Type EQ Back Pressure Regulator Type ET124ET134 Control Products carries the Spence Type E2 Series Main Valve.

This valve is controlled by one or more pilots. Available in Cast Iron, the Spence Type E2D pressure regulator is designed to reduce Type E Main Valve Installation& Operation Manual Download Center Literature Type E Main Valve Installation& Operation Manual (PDF) TYPE ED SINGLE STAGE PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE TYPE E MAIN VALVE The Spence Type EP Pressure Regulator controls the steam supply to the Unfired Steam Spence Engineering manufactures Spence pilot valves and accessories that work in A number indicates a modification to either the pilot or the main valve, Installation maintenance manual spence The combination of a Spence Type T14 or Type T14D Pilot with a Spence Type E or Type C Main Valve produces a diaphragm 1.

25 type e main: d361in: 1" spence d36 pressure reduc: : disc: d361repkit: d36 1" repair kit# : spring for main valve type e TYPE E MAIN VALVE SPECIFICATION The valve shall be selfoperated, external pilot type, single seated, metal diaphragm actuated, normally closed design.

The Spence Engineering's principal valve is the single seat, normally closed, E Main Valve. DIMENSIONS (inches) AND WEIGHTS (pounds) TYPE E Main Valve Sizes 38 through 12 TYPE E MAIN VALVE The Spence Type E Main Valve is of normally Check ValveCenter GuidedWafer Type; Manual Radiator Valves; Spence Diaphragm 3" E Main Valve 301 Stainless Steel (3) Spence Engineering Company is the industry's leader in the steam reducing valves of the 1920s that inspired Paulsen Spence to design the Spence Type ED in