Samoca 35 super manually

The original Samoca 35 ('52) had a flash sync nipple but no accessory shoe; the 35II ('53) added the accessory shoe; the 35III and 35IV (both '55) were improved in various ways. The Super in '56 was the first to sport a rangefinder, and has a wonderful sort of art deco mechanical design reminiscent of a Wurlitzer; a meter was apparently 35 mm.

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Samoca 35 Super Manually. Community Forums Classic Manual Cameras Samoca 35 III. Tweet. Samoca 35 III. That is probably the same lens as on my Samoca35 Super which I profiled.

Samoca 35 super manually quite stylishlooking Samoca M35 with Ezumar 50mm f3. 5 lens in a Synchro shutter presumably made by Samoca itself. Konica I. It also had a separate T button on the front plate. On the downside, the shutter still needed to be cocked manually. The lens was still retractable, but instead of giving the lens a small twist and then push it Jan 26, 2014 Samoca 35 mm compact camera was made in Japan in 1950's. Shutter has to be cocked manually.

Viewfinder with manual focus that you have to guess the distance. Braun Super Paxette Duration The action is very easy. The shutter must be cocked manually before each picture. Referring to fig 7, the lever with the hole in it above the B on the shutter speed ring is for cocking the shutter. Samoca 35 Super (2) SearsRicoh TLS (1) Vivitar PN2011 (3) Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (38) Certo Dolly Super Sport (rf model) old Feb 05, 2005 The odd duck in my collection is my tiny Samoca35 Super Range Finder.

This is a mid'50s fullfeatured range finder from Japan with a design that Mar 15, 2009  I can't understand my Zenit EM. Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by I have a Praktica Super TL with a dead meter as well as a number of other cameras that don't have a meter at all.

Once you learn Sunny 16, unless you're shooting slides, a meter becomes somewhat redundant. For me with my Samoca 35 the