Realistic minimus 7 manual

Find great deals on eBay for realistic minimus 7 speakers. Shop with confidence. Nov 12, 2016  Greetings, I am creating this thread to give visual explanations for the modding process of the Minimus 7, a very popular" bang for the buck" speaker produced by RadioShack in the 80's. Intro: About a month or two ago, I found this pair of Realistic Minimus 7 Nov 10, 2017  We take two different pairs of Minimus 7 Realistic minimus 7 manual and modify them with a different Woofer and updated Crossover.

I also introduce a new piece Oct 31, 2012  Realistic Minimus 7 The first CD I put through Realistic minimus 7 manual Ella Fitzgerald Take Love Easy (XRCD actually) but was walking around doing other stuff so it was just playing in the background. This recording is very forgiving to most systems and actually sounds quite good no matter what gear you put it This pair of Realistic Minimus 7 speakers are the" white woofer" model B, the third edition of of one of the most popular speaker system lines ever sold.

These Japanesemade Minimus 7 speakers have the original sealed aluminum cabinet design and domed speaker grill covers. Realistic Minimus7 Bookshelf Stereo Speakers Realistic ASIN B00EEFZZAW Ever since I first heard them in college, the minimus 7s have captivated me.

Great for surround sound, outdoor functionality, even mainspeaker performance. An oldie, but a goodie! Read more. Re: Opinions on Shack Minimus 7 rebuild I have two sets of the Minimus 7's from the late 70's and I recently upgraded them using a crossover upgrade kit that includes a Zobel network.

Despite this, there were a few Realistic products that stood the test of time, the Realistic Minimus 7 and 77 line of bookshelf speakers are a good example. In fact, they have somewhat of a cult followingpeople on eBay sell all kinds of modification kits, and not for cheap. Manual Library Realistic. Realistic Minimus 7.

Metal Cabinet Speaker System (6 reviews) Description. The Minimus 7 is little only in size, not in performance it's a real giant in concert hall sound. The high compliance woofer element gives astounding bass and the dome tweeter produces crisp, clean highs. Jul 26, 2017 One of my favorite small speakers defiantly worth checking a pair out if you cam The Minimus 7's give some reflection of common limitations of inexpensive speakers, but still sound good when powered by a good amp.

They can be found for fairly cheapI paid 50 including shipping for mine, which are in great shape. May 16, 2014 The Realistic Minimus 7 speakers have been around in one brand or another for the past 30 years or so. Some Radio Shack stores may have stock left under the RCA badge. This reminds me of another product from that era, the NAD 3020 integrated amp, another over achiever, that continues to impress to this day.