Masterpact m25 h1 manual

Masterpact: presentation Masterpact circuit breakers are used to M32 H1 mas te rpa ct IE C 94 72 0 Ui Ue Ic u I s Ic w 10 V 38 04 0V 10 kA 1 k 75 kA 1s 50 6 Hz 69 5kA 85 M63 M50 M40 M08 M32 charged discharged circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors Masterpact Masterpact LV air circuit breakers Contents LV air circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors Section 1 page Product Panorama 5 Section 2 Performance and functionality 17 Section 3 M3 2 H1 mas te rp ac t IE C 94 72 0 Ui Ue Icu Ics Icw 10 V 38 04 0V 10 kA 10 kA 75 kA 1s 5 6 Hz 690 V 5kA 85 Masterpact LV air circuit breaker from 800 to 6300 A the right choice 3 or 3 types of breakers for 3 performance levels N1: standard, H1, H2: high performance, L 1: current limiting.

compliance with international requirements standards IEC 1571 (and future IEC) M16 M20 M25 1600 2000 2500 660 660 660 1000 1000 1000 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 nInternational Standards: the MASTERPACT circuit breaker has been designed to meet all the major standards including: oIEC 9472 and related standards such as VDE, BS, EN, etc.

MP08 H1 800 65 kA 65 kA 50 kA MP12 H1 1200 65 kA 65 kA 50 kA MP16 H1 1600 65 kA 65 kA 50 kA MP20 H1 M25H1 Merlin Gerin Insulated Case Circuit Breakers. M25H1, Merlin Gerin Schneider Electric Square D, insulated case circuit breaker, Masterpact, type M, 3P, Masterpact m25 h1 manual, 2500A max, solid state electronic, 600V, [email protected] Low voltage electrical distribution Masterpact NT Circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors IEC from 600 to 1600 A User manual.

User manual for circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors Masterpact NT AA 1 Contents Identifying Masterpact 2 Matching a Masterpact circuit breaker with its chassis 20 Browse products from Schneider Electric United Kingdom in Masterpact NW for Masterpact NW CircuitBreakers from 800 to 6300A. Masterpact NW is a compact circuitbreakers, ideal for where space is limited ACB. Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website. Welcome to our website. Appareillage basse tension Low voltage switchgear Masterpact Merlin Gerin 800 6300 A Prsentation La gamme Masterpact disjoncteur ouvert assure la Masterpact Manual.

For Later. v Masterpact NW H10 circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors. fixed and drawout versions and H1 and H2 circuit breaker performance levels b Masterpact m25 h1 manual environments with high concentrations of sulphur compounds (standard IEC ): v Masterpact NW800 to 4000 A circuit breakers with corrosion protection Masterpact NW is a comprehensive range of air circuit breakers designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads, short circuits and equipment ground faults.

Embedding Micrologic control units, it contributes to safety and energy efficiency. Download: Installation manual Masterpact NW NAVY Masterpact NT and NW Navy, Products. View the new All Products menu. View the new All Products menu. Looking for product documents or software? Go to our Download Center.

Residential and Small Business. Electrical Car Charging. Electrical Protection and Control. Masterpact M. The Masterpact M is no longer supported by the OEM, Schneider Electric, such support having been discontinued in early 2014. We supply and fit replacements for ALL Masterpact M parts. Catalogue Masterpact NT and NW Merlin Gerin. As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please ask for confirmation HA (equivalent to H1).

c for Masterpact NW: v NA and HA (equivalent to N1 and H1) v HF, a highperformance switchdisconnector including instantaneous protection to prevent closing on a short Low voltage electrical distribution Masterpact NW Circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors from 800 to 6300 A User manual User manual for circuit breakers and switchdisconnectors Masterpact NW0863 IEC AA 1 Contents Identifying Masterpact 2 H1: high performance with total discrimination Masterpact Catalogue numbers, spare parts and order form Presentation 6 Masterpact M20 and M25 Type N1NIH1H2HIHF Top 3 x 4 x Bottom 3 x 4 x Masterpact M32 Installation manual must be ordered separatly, it is not supply with the component