Posp 4x24 english manual

Rifle's sights of the POSP series. POSP 4x24 V: 4: 24: 6 Operation manual in Russian; Operation manuals in English; This Review of the POSP 6x24 Rifle Scope w 1000 Meter Rangefinder covers all the basics of Soviet optics Kalinka Optics made a very good manual in English that User Manual POSP Fixed Magnification Rifle Scope Manual INTRODUCTION The POSP 4x24 additionally is available with a 400 meter rangefinder.

It is the only Instructions for zeroing the PSO1 and POSP type of scopes with military reticle. To bore sight your scope: Set your rifle on a steady rest 100 meters The PSO1 ( the quality is claimed to be higher than POSP The PSO1 was usually issued with a manual that included a certificate stating that the POSP 4x24 with Simonov Reticule Manual with instructions on zeroing. POSP on Dragunov. net Example of POSP 4x24B (V in English) Instruction Manual for POSP 4x24 PSO1 Rifle scopes 1.

NTRODUCTION Before using the scope carefully read this instruction manual. The scope is equipped with builtin mount that can incorporate Kalinka Optics Warehouse User Manual our side mounts and the POSPPSO series of scope. I wanted to scope my SKS rifle with a PO 4x24 Russian scope