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The ASK 21 accompanies the student pilot from instruction up to the first crosscountry or competition flights. It has easy handling on the ground as well as in flight. The high production quality, as well as the lowmaintenance and very rugged design offer a versatile aircraft for everybody, fit for everyday service and lasting in value. Tweet Download PDF See full screenReport a web site issue Report a copyright issueDownload PDF Tweet ASK 21 Flight Manual Rev.

No. Date Sig. TN 4b 12. Dez. 12 mg approved Author Date Kaiser April 80 Further information can be found in the appendix to the Flight Manual, ASK 21 Mi Flight Manual Flight Manual If the cruise flight is done at v 125 kmh (67. 5 kts, 77 mph) and at 7100 RPM, a fuel consumption of 14 lh (3.

7 US Galh) gives a flight time of 98 minutes from a full Flight manual ask 21 tank. ASK21 Bookmarks can be used to locate sections of the document. Some bookmarks are expandable to show further detail. Liability Disclaimer: The Minnesota Soaring Club and its members are not responsible for errors or omissions in this electronic version of the ASK21 Pilots Operating Handbook. ASK 21 Flight Manual Rev. Nr. Date Sig.

TM 4a Nov. 04 JNMG LBAappr. Author Date Kaiser April 80 5) Check condition of tailskid, pitot tube and venturi tube! Title: ASKWebManual. indd Created Date: 8: 25: 04 PM 21 (and its motorized brother the ASK 21 Mi) are gliders but the flight characteristics are the real highlight of this product. assist you with finding the best speed and routes (the real manual is provided for this! ).